E-Ahimsa Walk 2020 – Event Completed

Event Opening : We are happy to announce a multi-walk virtual event, e-Ahimsa-Walk 2020. ‘Ahimsa‘ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘not to injure’ any living being through one’s deeds, words, and thoughts. Our first Ahimsa Walk was organized back in 2015 which received a great response. While we all are finding out ways to deal with COVID-19, we want to have a special focus on staying healthy.  This event is OPEN and FREE for all. We want you to join the hands together to stay physically and mentally fit, have fun, spread good vibes around, help community, and WIN prizes.

Event Closing Summary :

Ahimsa Walk 2020 has been a very successful 10 week virtual event. In these times of lockdown, it was a great event where we able to connect and bond better with the community members and stay physically and mentally fit.
We had 80+ participants across all age categories. The original goal of 100K points was completed in half the time. We doubled our goal to 200,000 points and achieved 97% of the new target. Congratulations to all participants and the winners. It clearly shows our community is motivated to stay fit. Other than the weekly competition and leaderboard, we had 4 weekly fun contests and 8 Sunday morning sessions.

We thank all the participants, donors, instructors and volunteers. We also ask for forgiveness if we hurt anyone during the event.
Please follow our Facebook page for future updates.

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Step 1 - Register for E-Ahimsa Walk

Participation is FREE and open to EVERYONE

Registration Closed
Step 2 - Log your Weekly Points

Use your registration link sent in e-mail to add your activity points at the end of each week (Saturday)

Step 3 - Donate (Optional)

Donate for the humanitarian cause

Step 4 - Check Leaderboard

Final and archived Leaderboards can be found on the link below.. Winners have been announced and Prizes delivered 🙂 Congratulations to ALL !!



The 10-week event will start on June 7th and continue until Aug 15th. The overall event goal was 100,000 points. It is increased to 200,000 points due to overwhelming response. Please sign-up your goal as an individual or as a team (up to 6 people). You can change your goal later on, without any implication. You are welcome to join for any week(s) or the entire period. 

Follow social distancing guidelines

You may walk, run or bike your distance wherever you want – around your neighborhood, on a treadmill, or any course of your choice to earn the points. It’s just not going to be an in-person group activity. Individuals/Families/virtual teams will do it on their own. You follow social guidelines to ensure the safety of you and others around you. 

Track your activity

Track your activity with Runkeeper, Strava, or any other app. Translate to the number of points by end of the week and update on the website before the end of day Saturday. We will have leaderboards published for each category every Sunday to generate friendly competition and have fun. At the end of event, winners in each age category will be awarded. 


Attend Free Weekly Session

Attend the weekly free online session on yoga, meditation, exercises, dhyam, dance etc. from different instructors and experts to learn different techniques and ask questions. Events details will be published on this web page (see below for details).


Donations(optional) are welcome! Set a goal for yourself or sponsor and challenge your family/ friends or just participate for fun. If you are unable to participate and still want to donate, you will still make a difference. All proceeds will be used for humanitarian causes. 

How to calculate points?

Use the below point system to record points accumulated every week:

1 mile Walk/Run/Hike = 10 points
2000 steps(1 Mile) = 10 points
30 Min Exercise/Dance/Yoga/Bike = 20 points

For questions related to this event, please contact Ravindra Nandavat @ 206.316.7599 or send an email to ravikn_99@yahoo.com

For sponsorship and volunteer opportunity, please send an email to jss@