Jain Society of Seattle Community Center


Jain Society of Seattle Community Center will be a public place for anyone to practice, learn and celebrate Jain Way of Life. JCC will be a Jain Sangh owned place for all traditions (Digamber, Shwetamber, Sthanak) where people can meet for religious gathering such as Mahavir Jayanti, learn Jainism by joining JSS pathshalas for kids or adult Swadhyay, practice religious traditions, conduct charitable activities such as conducting health camps, and celebrating cultural festivals such as Diwali.

Why are we building JCC

Community temple owned by Society for the entire Sangh [Digamber, Shwetamber, Sthanak]​ A place for pathshala, events, and social gathering ​Build Jain legacy for our children

Project Milestones

JCC Donation Opportunity (Labh)