Northwest Harvest, February 22, 2020

Northwest Harvest, February 22, 2020

Jai Jinendra!

We are very excited to announce a new initiative from Jain Society of Seattle to give back to the community through local charities in Seattle area. We are establishing a committee led by Nihal Jain to focus and plan the events for year 2020.

Why giving back is so important?

“Daan” is one of the core principles of Jainism. There are 4 types of daan defined in our books.
Ahara Daan: Giving food to the hungry and poor.
Abhaya Daan: Saving the lives of other beings in danger.
Aushadha or Bhaishajya Daan: Distribution of medicine.
Gyana or Shastra Daan: Spreading knowledge.

Jain Philosophy

This is a great way we can engage children and adults and can help them understand one of our core principles. As part of this effort the first give back event is set for February 22, 2020 with Northwest Harvest.

Please find the signup sheet here.

There are two ways you can help; you can sign up and volunteer your time and you can also match your time through your company’s matching donations. The signups are first come first serve.

Northwest Harvest

Date:  Saturday, February 22, 2020
Shift:  9am – 11am
Reserved Spots:  35 (25 students and 10 adult chaperones)
Day-of Group Leader:  Vidhi Jain (

Volunteer Duties

At the warehouse, volunteers help us by repacking bulk food (Vegetarian, mostly dry) into family-sized portions, as well as sorting food drive donations.  This food is distributed throughout our network of more than 375 food banks, meal programs, and high need schools.  Volunteers should be prepared to wear a hair net and gloves during their shift with us.


  • Our minimum age is 9 years old or 3rd grade. We do not have projects for younger volunteers.
  • We are not able to sign any outside service hours confirmation forms, evaluations, or contracts. We do provide hours confirmation forms at the end of each shift. (Northwest Harvest can sign off on hours for work or school, but we are unable to provide court-related community service.)


  • We understand sometimes last minuets things can change, but if possible, please try to keep your commitments or give us enough time so we can provide the opportunities to others.
  • Vidhi Jain will follow up with more details with participating volunteers.