Mandir Nirmal Fund Campaign: Launch date Mahavir Janam Kalyanak 2024

Why do we have 25,132 units for Mandir Nirman?
The Duvall parcel for JCC has 25,132 square feet of land. The JCC team decided to raise
donations for each square foot. The success of the fundraising drive will determine how big and
howfast we can build the JCC.

How have we selected $251 for one square foot?
At 2023 rates, the minimum quote we received for construction was $250 per square foot. This
cost also includes the cost of land development, parking etc. The JCC team kept this amount for
each square foot to keep our cost low.
In Indian culture there are many thoughts about number 1. For example, as per one belief
number 1 represents new beginnings and unity. Therefore, when giving cash gifts / donations,
wepeople often use the last digit as 1. In another Indian belief, we always do “savayu”, a little
more than you could, one way to do this is by adding that extra “1”. Hence, to continue the
Indian tradition, we added 1 to $250 and set the donation amount of $251 per square foot.

Will $251 for one square foot remain constant for the life of construction?

No. Given this amount is based on the prevailing rate for wood construction, and current
guidance from the city. The JSS Board of Directors have decided to keep this unit constant for the
next 6 months after which we will evaluate again. Also, units donated once at $251 will not be
available again for higher / lower unit rate in the future.

What’s the total amount we plan to raise with this fund-raising campaign?
A successful campaign will yield us $6.3 million (25,132 x $251).

How will donor names be displayed for the Mandir Nirman campaign?
All donors donating over 21 square feet will be displayed at the prominent wall in the temple.
The names of the donors will be displayed in the order of their donation amount i.e. the largest
donations will be displayed first.

Can I take a pledge for the Mandir Nirman Fund and pay in monthly installments?
Yes. EMI (equal monthly installments) are encouraged as it increases the predictability of our
cash flows and will help us in the future in case we need to raise a loan from the bank. We
encourage everyone to take the donation pledge immediately to help the JCC team project their
cash flows. All pledge information must be sent to
/whatsapp to Manish (971.263.8225). Donation cash must be paid before the close of the
or via sms

Will the entire $6.3 million be a new donation, or can we allocate our existing pillar to the
Mandir Nirman campaign?
We expect $6.3 million to be mixed with new donations and allocation of previously taken
Our focus is to get new donations to fill the gap between current commitments and required
funding. However, donors who have unallocated donations can allocate their pledges / donations
to the Mandir Nirman Campaign.
Our current donation/ pledges stand at $2.15 million. Of which, $550K have been allocated to
the Founding Members campaign with our 108 Founding Members. Donors have two options to
allocate their remaining (or new pillars) donations:
a) MandirNirman Fund (i.e. current campaign of 25,132 sq ft) by donating 1+ sqft at the
prevailing rate
b) NamesDisplay Nakro for Main door, Swadhyay Hall, Digamber Bhavan, Shwetambar
Bhavan, Bhojan Shala, Shahstra Bhavan, Paathshala / multi-purpose room, Kitchen,
Changing room , Elevator, Changing room, and lucky draw for parking.

How can I donate?
A. Take a JCC donation pledge or increase your existing pillar commitments. Email with your pledge or send SMS to Manish (971.263.8225)
B. Zelle or Paypal at
C. Deposit check in Key Bank Account: Jain Society of Seattle, Routing #: 125 000 574; Account #:
4794 7100 4438
D. Payroll deduction: JSS is listed in many corporate matching platforms, such as Benevity,
Frontstream, CyberGrants. You can work with your employer to schedule your recurring or
one time ACH payments to JSS
E. Stock donation– please contact

Will my donations be tax-deductible?
Yes. All donations to JSS are 100% tax deductible.