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Welcome to Jain Society of Seattle
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Program Details

May 11th, 2014
This month's monthly program is cancelled due to the inauguration of new temple. For more details, visit https://htccwa.org/flyer/4Page_Flier_R8.pdf
Jain Paathshala at HTCC details

Schedules: 2nd, 4th Sunday of the Month
Time: 5:15pm - 5:45pm
Age Group: 4 years to adults
Location: HTCC Bothell Temple.
We will follow the school schedule for Holidays.
Curriculum: We will be following "Balbodh Pathmala" books, and also include lots of interactive games and activities.

Paathshala Coordinators: Archana Jain, Leena Sheth, Jenny Bhimani, Vandana Jain
Contact Vandana Jain for any updates and questions 425-590-7051 or email: vandi_123@hotmail.com
Jain Society of Seattle facebook page:
Anyone with the facebook account can now join this group. We will be posting updates/news/events on this facebook page so please add yourself to the group.
Donation for new and bigger Jain Temple at the same Bothell location:
As you all know, we have a newer and bigger temple coming up at the same site as the current Bothell temple. Jain society has established goals to donate towards the temple fund. We would like to encourage you to donate generously to help us meet the goals. You can contact paresh1992@yahoo.com or raju@q.com or samitj@microsoft.com for more details.
Membership: We will be collecting yearly membership. Please bring cash or check in favor of "Jain Society of Seattle".
Celebration Pictures:
Mahavir Jayanti was celebrated on 4/11/2010. Here is the link to the pictures taken during celebration.
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